Monday, October 14, 2019

Audley End

I came home yesterday.

Any plans I had for Sunday were changed when I woke to pouring rain! I just headed straight off. It was dry when I got home so I did some shopping and thought I'd go to Rye Meads but as I left the shop... rain..... I can't complain I was lucky last week so I did my washing :)

Today the car was in for a service, it was a quick and the promised rain wasn't happening so I went to Audley End

I haven't been to Audley in a while. It used to be my Sunday afternoon after dad's place and I seem to be going further a field.... 

As I was expecting rain I hadn't taken a camera out with me so all with the phone

Lots of Canada Geese with one lone Greylag.... a few Little Grebe and the Black Swan wasn't there

Lots of Asparagus!

It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that I was pleased to see Apple Blossom

It's Frosty!

Ah Autumnal....

Audley was used by the Polish branch of the SOE and this commemorates them.

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