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Monday, December 31, 2018

and so that was 2018

Well another year has gone. Like everyone else I haven't got a clue where it went!

It started badly with Dad in hospital for a month so it obviously ended better than it started! Sir is pretty good for his age but he is aging which is a scary thought.

The church list reached 881. To be honest it could, and should, be higher. I added a grand total of 12!! There are a few that I could add if I got my act in gear! I'll do it in 2019 ;)

Actually my holiday plans have a couple of trips that really should see me moving the list forward.

I have a trip to Country Durham which I have never been to before, there are 13 churches (I think) in the county and though I don't expect I'll do the lot (quite a few National Trust places that are new to me as well) if I set a target of one a day for the 5 days then I'll be content. The last 3 days are in East Yorkshire and with luck I'll pick up a few there. All 5 targets might be pushing it. 

I ought to add that though I haven't holidayed in Country Durham I have driven through and did stop off in Durham to visit the Cathedral. So I may not visit that!

Another trip is to West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I'm not certain how many targets there are but lets say 6 or 7. There will be one or two new National Trust places in West Yorkshire as again it isn't a place I've been to.

The other two UK trips are to areas I've ticked off.

In my head I will not be happy if I don't get to 900 in 2019. So 19 churches have to be entered. It can be done if I get off my back side, I got to 800 in July 2012!! it took 4 years to get from 700 to 800. I guess that foreign travel got in the way.

You will also get to see the delights of Venice and Lucca.

I have done very little birding this year. I intend to do more in 2019. I don't intend driving miles but I'll be spending more days down Rye Meads and Amwell.

So really much of the same birds, churches and National Trust / historic properties.

I hope you all have a good 2019

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Anglesey Abbey

If today had been bright I might have gone birding but it was very dull so I went to Anglesey Abbey for a stroll... The gardens are always good value anytime of year! 



Still a few roses as well! Bonkers !

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Wimpole Hall

I could get used to two day weeks! Anyhow I wandered to Wimpole Hall for a stroll around the gardens it was pretty dull. But still some flowers about!

I had a Parsnip and Apple soup (nice) and elected to replace the bread with a tasty cheese scone.

I picked up some cheese from the cheese lady!

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