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Sunday, November 26, 2017


Another cold day but it had the compensation of having lovely blue skies! So after lunchtime I went for a wander around Finchingfield.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


When I got home last night there was a card through the door that an attempt had been made to deliver my new router and I could pick it up at 7am the next morning.... so at 7:05 there I was  and I was told I couldn't pick it up as they had sorted the tracked mail....Luckily they open tomorrow between 11 & 2 so I'll pick it up after lunch.

So after breakfast I headed out and went to Flatford. It was cold but a nice blue sky.

OH the tempation!

Little Grebe, there were a few along the river

There were two Swan families on the river.

This is a different Little Grebe

Lunch! Stilton & Walnut scone as a savoury cream tea!

As Valley Farmhouse was open I walked back towards Willy Lott's cottage and went in.

This little chap dropped in!

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