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Sunday, June 28, 2015

West Green House Gardens

West Green House doesn't feel very National Trust. No oak leaf signs guiding you etc etc...... but that's not a problem.

The house hosts an opera festival and the house is not open to the public but the pretty garden is....

As it started raining and like a numpty i'd left my jacket in the car to the tea room.

Me (with worried expression as none on display) - Fruit Scone
Girl - I don't think we're doing them today. I could check?

For some reason she didn't (may have been my fault) and  I just slinked off home. I've found out subsequently there were scones mutter.

But the garden is lovely and well worth visiting.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Montacute and Barrington Court

I woke to find the sun shining so after breakfast I headed to Montacute..... I've been there many times before but sometimes familiarity is good and I could wander around and read my book....

So time for lunch ...

and DRUM ROLL finally a scone worthy of Mr Quacks seal of approval.

I didn't want to go into the house so I headed down the road to Barrington Court....

Barrington was the first large country house the National Trust acquired in 1907 and almost the last! At the time Barrington was in a terrible state and whenever anyone suggested a country house the cry went up REMEMBER Barrington!  In 1920 the property was leased to Arthur Lyle who greatly restored the property.

Today the property is alas empty which is rather sad. It was used for the filming of Wolf Hall and today there were some costumes on display.

The garden is not sad it is lovely and one of my favourites.

Little Girl: Mummy what is that man doing?
Mother: He is taking a picture of a duck....


What is going on here?? :)

Afternoon tea not bad.... There was a slight issue..... You had to find a table and then go to the till to order.... given that a lot of the seats were in a different room it is a bit difficult to reserve a table if you are on your own! Luckily there was a table in the room with the till!!

Lovely day! at two lovely properties.....

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