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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Today would have been my parents 63rd Wedding Anniversary......

I was with Dad this morning..... they spent their honeymoon at Clacton !! which was so far away they stopped en route for a cup of tea. It was so warm that dad that they were able to sit out at 9:30 and have plaice and chips which my father remembers was 2 & 9 each. About 14 1/2p in new money :D

This of course got my father in to reminiscing..... he mentioned that the oldest Pie & Mash shop in London was closing and how he remembered it as costing 2&1..... 2d for the pie and a 1d for the mash. He then went on about faggots and pease pudding and saveloy and peace pudding (not the Saveloys we get now you understand but from a German butcher.

He then went on about when he lived in London (we're talking pre sept 1940) the family next door consisted of 6 adults and they asked him every Friday to get them each fish & chips... it cost 1 & 9 each (9 1/2p) and he had to run back so it was still warm. He was paid a 1d.

Apparently he and his brother used to collect wood and then sell it and take the money for Fish & Chips on Pie and Mash!

He remembers a pack of cigarettes was 4d or a halfpenny for one cigarette.....

And don't get him on how much fish & chips, cinema tickets and a bus to Hoddesdon for an evening was....

Different times with simpler pleasures.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wimpole Hall

I had some shopping to pick up for my friend Jan...... for those who know her it won't be a surprise.....

As the weather was marginally better than yesterday I headed to Wimpole Hall to stroll around the garden.

Lets get the scones out of the way

Fruit Scone

Blackcurrant Scones

Shall we just pass on and say lack of Mr Quacks.... :(

As I entered the garden some visitors appeared in the next field.....

The walled garden was looking really good.

Mr Quacks having a last look.

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