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Sunday, September 28, 2014


I was going to go to Audley this afternoon but it was Apple Fair day and as I drove up there were loads of cars so I carried on to Thaxted.

Thaxted is one of those towns that people don't believe Essex has! It's lovely! The locals are revolting about new green field builds. I sort of empathise and sort of don't yes it changes the character of the town but where do the young live if there are no properties? I guess they are expected to go to Haverill or Harlow or Billericay or.... its a problem isn't it. I do hope they don't open a supermarket with the new builds as that could destroy the town.

And I like the church being used for non religious ceremony activities!  

There was some WWI event going on.

The fate of a family! So sad for the parents to bury both of their children.

One of my favourite tea shops was open but I wasn't hungry enough to make it worth going in......

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quacks over the Forest

A quiet day today I just went for a stroll around Hatfield Forest. Birdlife was incredibly quiet, there were a few Gadwall at the far end.

The first two pics are for Trish :)

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