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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grey's Court

Today was a day I just wanted to be outside in the fresh air. The chosen National Trust property was Grey's court. It isn't one of the trusts most "important" properties but it is a lovely part of the world and the garden is stunning (I'll be back next spring!).

It was murky as we drove over - we will gloss over Tricia's missing the M40 turn off  ;))

We hadn't had much breakfast so cup of tea time

Looked good but a little stale .... left over from yesterday I think.

I think this is a Black Redstart (female or a juvie?)

A medieval donkey wheel..... There is one at Carisbrooke Castle that is still in use with lovely Donkey's!

I was going to have soup for lunch but the scones had been topped up so would these be better? YES!  much nicer.

The ducks were cold! So nicely kitted out in scarfs :)

There were lots of Red Kites about!

On the way back we saw a sign for a vineyard. Trish did a u-turn and...... :)

Good day!

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