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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Out with Dad

I took Sir out for a ride today. Yes we went to Clare and I took an alternate route so Sir could do a bit of shopping. At first it was a dull grey but as we got into Suffolk the sun came out

There were singing Chiffchaffs and my first Blackcap of the year.


Former pub

I do love the way flowers grow out of any ruin

There is some cool about daffodils growing in front of the altar.

Sir enjoyed his ride.... good just to see different places/

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Audley End

Well I met up with my friends Rebecca and Stuart at Audley this morning..

A Red Kite was flying over the house it refused to fly over my head!

Spot the sheep in the photo below.... I'm not the only nutter am I guys! ;)

Whilst having lunch..... don't ask! 

The temple of concord as scaffolding about it for years! Lovely to see it without!

Nice day thanks guys.

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