Saturday, February 28, 2009

Churches, a Castle and Birds

I seemed to be racing the sun today. Annoyingly I was racing away from it!! It always seemed to be a few miles away!!

Anyway I do hope you don't mind one or two photos, cough.

I had arranged to visit one of the few four star churches in "that book" I have yet to visit. I had arranged for the vicar to arrive at 9:30, I was early and he graciously let me take my photos whilst he said morning prayers (mattins?). Is that the first service I've ever attended in 740 churches?

740 St Mary, Stone

I arrived at my next target and found a locked door. Rats, as I looked at the noticeboard for a keyholder a woman removing her car from the garage said she had a key. Would I be long as she was going shopping? 15 minutes I replied. She was unwilling to leave me the key and put it through her letter box but at least she was kind enough to stop!

741 St Mary, Newington

I went down the A2 to

742 St Mary, Faversham

So where to now? I know we'll head over to Leeds Castle! You will see it again later in the year, there are a couple of nearby churches to tick (one will be open in May) and my ticket works for return visits.

Oddly one of the many Barnacle Geese was flying! So are they part of the feral population?

Especially for yoke

These two had a right old set to!!

As I trudged my way back to the car, the sun burst through in all its glory.

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