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Sunday, June 26, 2016


I could have chosen to stop at a number of National Trust properties on my way home but I stopped off at NT HQ Heelis in Swindon.

I only did this as according to the excellent National Trust Scone blog via Twitter we have yet to a scone from Heelis (it has a cafe).

Now I have to say that I knew roughly where I was headed but had expected to see one of the acorn signs and didn't..... HELP!

So I stopped the car.... I then got out this smart phone thingy, turned on 4g and location services, opened the NT APP and then went to google maps from the APP and found out where I was and where I should be.

Essentially Heelis is an office with a shop and a cafe......

You would have thought with a celeb like Mr Quacks coming there would have been banners and the chief exec waiting.... but no LOL

But it was the scone we were after.....

Not perfect but Mr Quacks approved!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stoke Pero Church, Dunster Castle & Watchet

Just up the road from the hotel is one of the churches I need so.....

839 Stoke Pero

Nice views

So off to Dunster castle.

A quick stroll around the village

The Yarn Market

Back to the castle

Now this is incongruous! It was installed during the 50's.....

The tearoom is annoyingly biased to those of us who are on our own. You choose a table an then order giving your table number and they bring it to you. If you are on your own you could return an find your table nicked! So I order something I could take with me the obligatory scone and a diet pepsi.

So I thought I'd have a stroll around Watchet harbour before heading home.


A last look at the castle.

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