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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An extravagance

Well I am the owner of a new car......

I am not a good prospect though for the motor salesman....

Salesman - Hello sir what can I do for you?
Me - I want to buy a new car
Salesman (imaging at minimum a decent mid range sale) - and what model do you want
Me - the cheapest model you do.
Salesman  (crestfallen) - tries to get me to buy some accessory - metallic paint?
Me - no thanks the basic one will be fine thanks.

He also seems to think I should be excited but to me a car is a means to an end. I get excited by holidays not cars.... a new camera now..... LOL

Still I have said car and it is smaller than the last one so it fits snugly in the garage with the dustbins in there etc. I am unusual as I'm the only person on my street who puts the car in the garage. Novel concept apparently.

The car is a Hyundai I10. I know from experience Hyundai's are reliable and totally uncool. The later could said to relate to me!

Annoyingly the wipers and indicators are switched around and whilst I'll get used to this they are the opposite to dad's which will be fun!

Anyway with a bank holiday coming up I'll take sir out for a drive in my new motor.

Oh its a bright red colour. Bright red isn't my sort of colour but I know from experience it is very easy to find in the car park!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The wildlife of Hyde Park and a concert

Another musical Sunday dawned. There was a sharp frost but by the time we strolled through Hyde Park the sun was shining away.

These two ducks were hiding in the grass.

Which way to walk? Toward St James' or the Serpentine? We headed for the Serpentine.

aw bless! One of the 3 was a different colour....

Lots of Great Crested Grebes about.

Henry Moore sculptures

These were in a VERY small pond! in the formal gardens.

They swapped over and  ....

Spot an egg!

When a Mallard showed up he was quickly chased off....

Hello a Heron!

The pond below is the same size as the one the coot was in! and you can see it's a busy spot.

The concert was the Doric String Quartet performing:
Haydn's String Quartet in Eb Op 20 No 1
Dvorak String Quartet No 13 in G Op 106

They are a fine quartet and the Dvorak in particular was really well done.

I've picked up some maps for the next holiday as well.

One of the things I love about London is the parks (Regent's, Green, St James and Kensington) . There is so much wildlife in the centre of the city. We saw our first Swift of the year, Blackcaps,Common Whitethroat).

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