Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Burnham on Crouch

 I used to go to Burnham on Crouch a lot with Mum and Dad and I noticed I hadn't been for 5 years and as the sun was shining.... 

Now I just followed google maps which took me a slightly different route. I was a little puzzled and eventually  thought "oh  yeah that's where we used to come out"!! 

I parked out of town. There was a small reedbed which had Reed Warbler on it.

Burnham is a small town on the edge of the river crouch in Essex it is frequented by boat types and people who have moved out of the east end of London.

I wandered in to town.

It's still there ;)

There were quite a few people wandering about in town or as my mate Trevor puts it "a bit peopley" 

I therefore grabbed a coffee and a sausage sandwich. I was good I had granary bread!!

There were a couple of Common Terns flying over the boats.

I found a chair to sit and watch the world, glanced up and grabbed my camera!! 

Burnham hasn't changed that much, I won't be rushing back but it was a nice day out.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Chippenham Park

If you had asked my where I was going when I woke up it wasn't Chippenham Park and for a number I thought can't go there, can't go there ... shall I go to Chippenham? I checked and it closes this week so I thought....

I was pretty sure I had checked the weather forecast and had no jacket but luckily I slipped an umbrella in my bag. I did need it at one point! 

I arrived and there were few cars in the car park, paid my entrance of £5... cash only? how quaint ;) and went for a coffee and then went for a stroll.

A bit of rain at this point but I waited 5 minutes under tree and it stopped.

The rain came again so I decided to wander off. I drove back through a few showers.

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