Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A slightly disappointing visit to Wimpole

I ought to say that my title is no reflection on the gardens! 

I had a choice of Wimpole or Anglesey this morning and chose Wimpole. I arrived a little before 10 and there were queues and cars and the car park was packed. There were over 20 coaches and a few buses on their way out. I parked next to a volunteer and asked what was going on? And they didn't know. Nor did two other volunteers. 

On arriving at the visitors centre it appeared there was a schools cross country on this morning. 

Now I KNOW I am a grumpy git but I do understand these things happen BUT I could find no indication on social media. If I had known I'd have gone to Anglesey. I go to NT places for peace and quiet, to enjoy nature not to have to listen to a bunch of children scream and sing Dancing Queen to music played over the PA.

Sigh there was queues at the cafe  (naturally) so I went into the gardens.

There were still queues at the cafe so I tried the courtyard cafe.... and no scones so I wandered off.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Local Birds

Well a few birds from my walk. Its all a bit quiet, even the Goldfinches have been absent but I did see some today. I have yet to see a a winter finch but part of that is my walks are more urban of late. They tend to come into town a bit later.

I have seen a Kingfisher close to my house twice in a week! I think I'd seen it twice there in the past 4 years!

Whenever I go to Netteswell pond I hope to see a Tufted Duck or some such but it is always Mallards, Coots and Moorhen. I did get to see more than just a Black Headed Gull

Herring Gull

Common Gull! 

A Black Headed Gull

Common Gull

There were 33 Canada Geese at the New Hall Pond! A new record.

Someone came with bread ;)

This chap is still about


Friday, November 24, 2023

This and that

All I've done this week is walk. I've already passed my total for last year of 2203 miles! 

So what has happened? 

I've had a haircut and much to many of my friends shock bought a tablet. I've been talking about it for uh months and maybe months.

Why? well I have a small laptop that I use as a backup and for travel (a Microsoft Go) but that won't take windows 11 now I know that windows 10 doesn't go out of support until October 2025 but it is a little slow. I was going to buy the latest replacement BUT Microsoft has made the latest variant, the 4, business only. 

I deliberately want a small device to fit my small cabin bag so a tablet it is. There are problems like Elements won't run on a tablet and the software I use to bulk reduce files for the blog is windows only but I've used Snapseed as an editor on the phone. The device arrived Tuesday and I have found a bulk app to reduce files that seems to work so for holidays I am set. I did buy a keyboard cover and I am not sure I needed it as I don't tend to write lots these days but I have it just in case. This post is a test run.

I mentioned that the geese were about but they fly about. There were 26 the other day (easily a record) and then none. I walked to Netteswell pond this morning. It is the last pond but I don't often visit, I tend to go in winter in the open a Tufted Duck might appear but nothing . It does seemd to attract gulls and there were a few Herring and a number of Common Gulls. I did walk to the New Hall pond later and there were 19 geese. Oddly I've only ever seen 1 Greylag!

I also mentioned that one of the cheeky foals that wander on to the bridlepath had been removed. I assumed there were only 2 left but today the brown and one had 2 friends with him. They walked to the edge of the common but only the cheeky brown and white one left the common.

Tomorrow I'm off to a concert to see the Sixteen :) 

Keep warm, it is cold out there!!

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