Monday, October 18, 2021

A little bit of Rome

For YEARS I have been aware of a Roman site in my home town. I have seen the signs to the site but have never bee, embarrassingly as it is close to the council dump! It is in the Temple fields area (give away or what?). Today my car was being serviced and I thought lets find it! 

There isn't a lot to see, either side there are industrial units.

There is a nice board explaining the site however. Although we think of it as a Roman Temple there was an earlier Celtic temple here and the site was used long before then.

Not the most exciting location but it is fascinating what can be found in the most unlikely situations.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Rye Meads

 I wandered to Rye Meads this morning. It was grey and dull and of course this afternoon the sun came out ;)

Birds seen? 3 Little Egrets, Green Sandpiper, Multiple Cetti's calling, Wigeon, Sparrowhawk (female) and a Chiffchaff. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hatfield Forest

I had a wander to Hatfield Forest this morning. It was misty and dull first thing.

I had a coffee first

Curiously there was just the one Canada Gull but a group flew over. Although it is autumn the only ducks were a few Shoveler 

Not sure this sign is helpful guys ;)

I've been seeing quite a few Jay of late.

there were quite a few thrushes about. Also I hadn't seen a bullfinch there for a while but a few today. 

a nice stroll. 

I ended with a coffee and a pasty.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

With my step count in need of a boost I headed to the CUBG. The walk to and from the park and ride will help to boost it! 

The garden was getting into Autumnal mode. Not fully there but definitely strong signs. There was a flock of Goldcrests which was nice to see.

My first step naturally was a coffee! 

I wonder if in winter there'll be a duck other than the Mallard on the lake?

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