Friday, September 25, 2020

Chickney Church

I had considered going to Audley today but the forecast was awful so I didn't. When I woke it wasn't as bad as I feared so I wandered out I decided there haven't been enough churches on the blog lately (for obvious reasons) and I knew Chickney (which is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust) would  be open.

As I've said before when I first tried to find Chickney about 20 years ago it was a nightmare. I had driven past many times but never knew where Chickney was (I had been on the road as well). Today ? flipping easy as there are signposts saying CHURCH :) Apparently there are 38 people or so in the village. 

The church was built pre the conquest (end of 10th/beginning of 11th Century). This is not evident from the outside but inside the Saxon origins are more obvious. This is not a church that the Victorians messed about with

The furnishings are so cute. 

The altar slab was removed during the reformation and was  restored in the 19th century when refound.

It's a lovely little church and great that the CCT keep it open.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rye Meads Again

 It's been a quiet week. I will have to book some visits for next week. The weather looks pants tomorrow so that's a pass! 

I popped down to Rye Meads this morning. 

As I started my walked a Kestrel flew over with a meal. It found a electricity pole and fed. Alas it had its back towards me it was behind some high bushes..

They were cutting vegetation at the Draper Hide and there were 2 coots ;) I went for a wander quite a few tit flocks and plenty of Long Tailed Tits and there was a Chiffchaff about.

I got back to the draper hide and they had stopped birds started to come back. Nothing particularly exciting but still a nice stroll

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rye Meads

Well I'm home! 

It was a good week catching up with friends. Anywhere you had to book was fine as was the hotel, B&B and pub I visited. It was only Padstow that was really bad (and there I wore a mask and we didn't stop).

Anyway we are now in Autumn and today I visited Rye Meads

Bit too many of these about.

On the way to Draper a Crow chased off a Sparrowhawk.

At the Draper Hide.

There were 4 Green Sandpipers......

Off for a wander

There were a few Tit flocks about with quite a few Long Tails. I did see a Chiffchaff and a male Blackcap.

There were a few dragonflies about as I walked back this Chiffchaff appeared. It had dark legs ;)

I would have gone back to the Draper but an idiot wasn't wearing a mask so I didn't bother.

Nice wander.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

 Heligan is a garden that was heavily neglected after the 1st world war and was not restored until the 1990's. There are formal areas, a valley walk and a jungle. Today I met up with my friends Rebecca and Stuart who are down on holiday. I'll just shut up and you can enjoy the pics

There was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the garden!

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