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Saturday, August 01, 2020

a local stroll

Boy was it hot yesterday! I decided that with a temperature of  35c I'd stay home and swelter inside ;)  I read a bit, listened to music and did a fair imitation of father moaning about the heat.

It is way cooler today and much more pleasant so I went for a walk.

It would appear that farmers have started bringing in the harvest! Although this was the only field done so far.

Speckled Wood

Now you can see the road I am strolling down, well a car stopped and asked if I was local ;) Well I am I guess ! They asked if I knew where a certain far was, now 4 months a go I'd have gone "dunno mate" but now I said yeah turn around, go left at the junction and it's at the bottom of the hill opposite the bridle path !





Nice walk.


Ragged Robin said...

A lovely walk and butterflies :) It was too hot to do anything yesterday :( Thankfully today cooler and we have even had rain!!!

Leslie LaCaruba said...

Hi Pete, I'm always up for a stroll anywhere in the gorgeous U.K. I read all of my favorite U.K. blogs each morning and appreciate all the photos. For a brief moment I can forget that I live in the "armpit of the South" as we're called locally. Here in South Carolina (USA) the heat factor today is up around 102 F. (@ 38 8 C). I'm especially envious when you venture out on a cold and rainy day. I'm hoping we'll get a little breeze from Hurricane Isaiah tomorrow.

The Quacks of Life said...

Hi RR ...... yup way too hot....

Hi Leslie. 38.8 OUCH I only experienced that in Florence Italy one July. it did hit 37.8 / 100.4 at Heathrow on Friday but high 90's way too much for me.... a nice 70-72f is perfect

thanks for stopping by. I hope to post more pics this year. Hopefully when this pandemic ends I can travel more!

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