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Friday, December 22, 2006

ASDA responds - the quacks ain't impressed

Dear Mr xxxxxx

Thank you for your email regarding the house sparrows which have entered into our Great Yarmouth store.

I understand that you are very disappointed with the way we have decided to remove them from the store, and can fully appreciate your feelings on this. I would like to assure you that matters of this nature are not decided lightly, and we do require our colleagues to explore all possible alternatives before a final decision is made.

I have spoken to my colleagues at the store who have confirmed all necessary organisations were contacted to seek advice on how to remove this protected bird safely from the premises. They have discussed possible solutions unfortunately, these were rejected as it compromised the security and health and safety of the store, its colleagues and customers alike.

It is always to difficult to deal with such issues and sometimes we have to make tough decisions we might not entirely agree with, but due to the hazards surrounding fresh produce we have within the store my colleagues have agreed this would be a necessary course of action. I know you will remain unhappy with this and must apologise but would also like to assure you they had no alternative. I would also like to point out that as a company we put great emphasis on high standards of animal and wildlife welfare.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us, although I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance on this occasion.

Yours sincerely
ASDA Customer Relations

well I'm sorry ASDA I am not impressed.

The health and safety argument doesn't wash. Ok its possible that a Sparrow may shit on your Apples but I think you'll find that in the real world birds do that. Only in the supermarket world of perfect food is everything clean and without blemish. Still what do you expect from a company owned by Walmart.

Excuse me while add ASDA to the bunch of corporate tossers file.


flicker said...

Bastards. I will never, ever shop in an Asda again. I used to regularly travel to Llanelli because they have a store there. I will save my fuel and time from now on. No way, no bloody way could they have tried to trap them. I bet they didn't leave proper bird food in a cage-trap and have someone sit there with a remote to close it etc. They just couldn't be bothered. I wish those that sanctioned this a lousy Christmas, and hope they get all they deserve in the new year.

nicola said...

I will never shop there again!

martin said...

ASDA - you can get stuffed

please show us this corporate tossers file

Pete said...

its in my head Martin!!

Sharon J said...

F**kwits! Sorry, but that's how I feel.

Pete said...

sorry for what? They are!!