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Thursday, May 28, 2009

This and that

The National Trust is running a poll to determine the best place to holiday in the UK.

Its early days so far with only 140 votes cast but Devon and Cornwall leads from the Lake District and Scotland (why Scotland is treated on mass and wales has snowdonia and the Gower listed is beyond me).

Anyone wishing to vote click on the link above (you have 9 choices plus "other).

This is in conjunction with Visit England's Enjoy every minute campaign.

You know I'm not certain where I'd vote for, obviously Nofolk would be near the top of my list as would Devon & Cornwall but I do think North Yorkshire is rather nice as is Northumberland.

Whilst on the subject of the National Trust they have a new "loyalty card". Everytime you buy a hot drink your card collect 9 stamps and you get a free hot drink. The same offer doesn't apply to their EXORBITANTLY priced sandwiches!! I'm sorry but £3.75 for a cheese sandwich!!


holdingmoments said...

Tough to decide where to vote for to be honest Pete. So many beautiful places to visit and explore in this country.

Jan said...

Ha ha, The Gower has only 3 votes (and I wasn't one of them) Devon and Cornwall for me too, best weather, lovely scenery, love the fishing villages, the accents.... come to think of it, why the hell did I move to Wales from there in the first place????

diddums said...

They do that when listing adverts at the back of some magazines I've read... Scotland is all one area. :-)

It's hard to say which is the best area to holiday in... each area has its own charms and strengths.