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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ducks and Warblers

My mate Dave was came down today and we went a twitching a Savi's Warbler at the Lee Valley. We heard it but that's it we did see a Cuckoo and had good views of a Garden Warbler. I'm obviously not a twitcher since I left Dave staring at reeds and went for a wander and saw a Nightingale (well I saw it fly!).Oh and we saw a fox.

Dave and had enough so after breakfast we headed to Rye Meads and for me a patch tick 6 Eygptian Geese!!

Mr and Mrs Tufty

Lots of warblers singing including this Garden Warbler.


We had a fly through Cuckoo and my first Hobby of the year. We then went for lunch and decided to head back for another crack at the Savi's - no! There were lots of young around, obviously young mallards but this young Coot.

And some young Canada's and these young Greylag.

Pleasant day.


Yoke, said...

Sounds better than just a pleasant day, Pete!

Love the little Greylags.

The Warblers too, look great. Such a "fresh summer sight" to see them. Still have to see my first Warbler this spring.

holdingmoments said...

Good shots of the Garden Warbler Pete.
I think I'm with you on the 'twitching' front. Just can't quite get my head around all that dashing here and there for a tick. lol

Tricia said...

Nice one of the Garden Warbler - not seen one yet. Haven't seen a Savi's either - Sorry you dipped.

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots once again Pete. Love those fluffy little babies.

Carol said...

I like the picture of the Canadian Geese, with the babes in the middle.

Pete said...

i do love this time of the year with all the youngsters

Pete said...

hi carol, thanks for stopping by