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Saturday, May 02, 2009

A day out.

There is something wrong here, scratches chin AH its a Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is shining!!

Anyway Dad and I went to the small town of Brightlingsea which is on a tidal river estuary.

Birds in flight with a travel lens ? Not ideal but we make do with what we have eh.

Ah cute!

I did have an ulterior motive for going to Brightlingsea, it contains the one Essex church in my list I had yet to tick. I thought it was meant to be open today but it wasn't however a quick call to the Vicar and we have....

747 All Saints, Brightlingsea

There's a commemorative frieze around the church commemorating everyone from Brightlingsea whose died at Sea since 1873. One was on the Titanic.


Tricia said...

Looks lovely at Brightlingsea. Black-headed gull flight shots are good. How do you nearly always manage get such sharp shots!

Those ducklings are lovely with their "dolly mixture" colours!

And that's a fascinating headstone with the tree curving around the top.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see all those little ducklings. What a handful! Jane

holdingmoments said...

A good day out there Pete. Obliging Gulls, and obliging vicar. ;)
Unusual mix of colour with the chicks.

Pete said...

I was wondering about the ducks. I guess its a "proper" mallard dad.

to be fair most vicars are obliging

oldcrow61 said...

Your churches just knock me out. What stuff inside! Love the birds in flight pictures and those babies are so sweet.

Carol said...

Love the birds in flight. I havnt been able to get any nice sharp shots like that.

Janine said...

Wow that frieze is amazing.