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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Churches and Baby birds

Well we have wifi. For some reason I could connect but the browsers found nothing so I diabled and reenable and bob's your uncle.

So I headed West (who nicked the sun) and stopped at a few churches.

752 St Mary, New Shoreham was open but a fence stopped you walking very far.

you can see the church was once much bigger.

753 St Andew and St Cutman, Steyning

Its very old.

Norman dog tooth

I THINK this maybe Saxon

754 Coombes, part of this is Saxon

So enough churches! Lets have some wildlife. I popped in to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Arundel.


Ruddy Shelduck (collection)

Smew (collection)

Moorhen/coot - not sure

And what do you think this is?

White Headed Duck

Fudge Duck

young Coot

Wood Duck (collection)

Collection bird

Collared Dove

Young Mugger I mean Robin

Cuteness alert!!


Given the earlier challenge what is this?

common Tern

Baby Shelduck ARGH!!

Baby Pochards!!

Common Scoter

Harlequin Duck

Pair of Mum's having a ruck


And on to Chicester Cathedral

I got to see the Peregrine's, those pigeons are either brave or daft!!


Anonymous said...

Once again, superb photo's Pete.
Your Duck? Could it be a hybrid Redhead, not really a duck person.


Pete said...

i think both ducks are pure....

check the beak colour.....

not a duck person? pah they are much nicer than gulls

Tricia said...

No idea what your mystery bird is (except it's shape suggests Mallard!!) but am keen to find out! :D

Sounds another good day; Steyning is a very pretty village and the church lovely! But Chichester Cathedral is beautiful. Great getting to see the Peregrines!

oldcrow61 said...

Lots of great pictures once again. I like the one of the fudge duck. An apt name by the look of him. And, of course you can't beat the babies. So cute. Lovely old churches with some nice statues and tombs.....big grin!

holdingmoments said...

Great set of pictures, and what a selection of ducks.
Mystery duck certainly looks a lot like a drake Pochard to me.

Pete said...

you what Trish?

HM - look at the beaks...... there is a difference

holdingmoments said...

Looking at the beaks, there is a difference, and also in the head colour; the first is a bit darker.
I'm sticking with Pochard somewhere in its parentage. No idea what with though.
I hope you're going to let us know eventually lol

Pete said...

I think the first one is a canvasback.

second is a pochard

Tricia said...

Well - I eventually sussed out the beaks were different and that one was a Pochard; but I would never have known the Canvasback! So I've learnt something else today :)

holdingmoments said...

Thanks Pete.
Never seen a Canvasback before.