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Sunday, April 22, 2007


And so to home.

We stopped off First at Kirby Hall. Its a once great house fallen into ruin. English Heritage have restored a few rooms and the parterre garden. There were peacocks all over the place.

The on Lyvden New Bield. This is not a ruin, the house was never completed as the builder Thomas Thresham was thrown into the tower as he was a Catholic. The gardens are of interest as they show the outline of the original Elizabethan plan.

And so to home stopping at the wheatsheaf at Perry for a pleasant Sunday lunch.

A very pleasant long weekend.


mart said...


quite a few need a bit of straightening though - 2 secs if you use Picasa

congrats on the new purchase(s)

Pete said...

just practicing at the mo but Nic and devlop-her-own-film-birder said the same

Beth said...

Great pics! I can hear the peacocks' calls now. I used to work here at Royal Roads University in Victoria where they also roam the grounds ... their call is unmistakeable!