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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday at Eltham Palace

Off to Eltham Palace, the weather was gorgeous.

For those who don't know Eltham was the childhood home of Henry VIII. It fell into ruin until only the Great Hall remained. In 1930's it was bought by the Cortaulds who added an Art-Deco house. The house also fell into disrepair after the Cortaulds left but English Heritage have restored it.

The interiors are magnificent. Virginia Cortauld's bedroom was a firm favourite. The Great Hall is superb as well.

This is Elizabeth I's chancellor's home.

Diane in an unusual pose with camera out.

The girls were trying to tempt the fish BUT whenever they came near they jumped!

This Canada Goose was a right show off, he dived did rollovers etc!

These chaps were being elusive until this chap landed.

A really enjoyable weekend came to a close.


nicola said...

Pleased you all had a nice w/e...lovely weather huh! Nice photos btw

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to hear you had a good weekend. Pictures are great. I just love the third one down with the tree hanging over the water. Fabulous!

Cherrypie said...

It wa a lovely weekend.

Thanks, pete.

digi-birder said...

I'll second what CP said - brilliant weekend.

That photo of the Speckled Wood came out well.

Ocean and Forest Walks said...

You certainly take good pictures with the new camera right away!! Sounds like a lovely weekend also. I will be looking forward to seeing all your new pictures with the new toy - can't wait!

Pete said...

thanks all.

oceans, i hate to disabuse you but that lot were taken with my little Canon powershot A620

Ocean and Forest Walks said...

Oh - sorry Pete - your photos always look good to me!! Thought they were with the new camera - I have finally stopped taking most of my pics on the security blanket - my Canon Powershot - I am giving it to the hubby in exchange for the new Canon. A fair exchange.