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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Return to Middle Earth

I note that there is a "new" novel by JRR Tolkien out. I've stuck the word new in quotes since what has happened is that Christopher Tolkien has taken a series of series of unfinished manuscripts and linked them together.

"After a long study of the manuscripts, I tried to build a coherent narrative without editorial invention,"

The novel is called The Children of Hurin and is set much earlier than Lord of the Rings. Like Lord of the Rings, The Children of Hurin is told in fragmentary form in the Silmarillion (which Christopher Tolkien also put together from manuscripts).

I had a glance last night and the style seemed more poetic or lyrical than the plainer style used in the Lord of the Rings. I am not paying £18 for it so will wait for the paperback.

And whilst on Tolkien there is going to be a movie of the Hobbit but without Peter Jackson AND apparently New Line hold the rights to a second Lord of the Rings prequel. Uh what prequel would that be then?

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Diddums said...

I don't know - but if New Line bring out yet another video without subtitling, I'll be on the war path - with my warrior elves at my back.