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Monday, April 30, 2007

Personal Chit Chat

I may have mentioned that Mum fell over 4 weeks or so back? Well for last week or so she has had pains in her neck. Of course the natural fear is that this is the spread of the cancer.

The GP thinks its ligaments - akin to whiplash. She has been back today and the GP still thinks it's this, but they are going to bring her appointment with her specialist forward.

Mum is obviously a "bit" nervous. As she says you think every thing is the big C but she thinks the GP is probably right since it does seem to be the ligaments that hurt. Excuse me though while I worry please.

It doesn't help that every where we look at the moment is bad news. Her neighbours Mother-in-law (who Mum knew) has just died of cancer and my cousin's 18 year old son is on a life support machine (he has leukaemia).

Still my friend Jan (the one in Cornwall) has just become a granny for the third time.


jan said...

keep up mate i am a nanny for the fourth time!!! four grandaughters

oldcrow61 said...

I know it must be a worry Pete. Hopefully it is the ligaments. Good she got her appointment brought forward.

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well Pete - thinking of you and your Mum. I think it helps to blog it out as lots of people will be hoping all is O.K........ Now on to birds - what is that white bird with the orange beak??hmmm. The pictures are great. You have got really good focus and light - good colors - compared to my black fuzzy pictures!!!

Pete said...

thank Oceans

I presume you mean the gull between the two avocets?

Its a Mediteranean Gull. All the other gulls on that post were Black-Headed Gulls