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Monday, April 09, 2007

Local Birding

As I'm not about the next 3 weekends I decided I ought to do some local birding.

So off to Hatfield Forest. Not the finest pictures of a Marsh Tit but....

Chiffchaffs all over the place and yes it isn't that good!

Still did see my first forest Blackcap of the year!

Lots of Rabbits as well.

All the birds were singing with Song Thrush in good voice. The lake had the usual suspects and there were the normal woodland birds Bullfinch, Great Spot and Green Woodpecker, Nuthatch and Treecreeper.

But the star was this little beauty

my first Wheatear over the forest!

I then popped down Amwell. The Bunting wasn't showing but I wasn't looking that hard! Oh how blase!

I popped into Rye Meads which had displaying Redshank, a Great Crested Grebe (not that common there) and a singing Willow Warbler. Unfortunately there has been no female Kingfisher. I watched a Heron stand stock still for ages before striking!

Lovely day.


Anonymous said...

nicola said...

nice photos again pete!

mart said...

that is a reed bunting isnt' it ?

better shots than what I managed, my loud shutter kept frightening them off too

Pete said...

martin - yes a reed bunting.

anon (nic!!!) really.

Phats said...

I think birds are kind of freaky, but I get that I think from watching the birds, scary!

Ally said...

Okay, is that not a Great Tit? Because it's wearing a tie? I am very confused.

Pete said...

yep its a Great Tit.

Ally said...

You just saved my marriage :).

oldcrow61 said...

Great pics once again Pete. The blossoms are fantastic.

Pete said...

oc - ta

ally - cor i am providing a service through this blog ;) Males have a thick black stripe and females a narrower one.