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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fairwell to Boofy

As some of you may have guessed a friend died recently. I arrived back from Rutland to find that Boo had died suddenly.

To say it was a shock is an understatement. The curious thing is I never met Boo and yet her death has really shaken me up. Perhaps part of the reason maybe my Mother's illness but it is undoubtedly true that Boo was a lovely lady. I knew Boo through wildlife forums and the yahoo chat room. For most of past year a group of us has met up most evenings for a natter and a laugh. Whatever was wrong with her own life Boo had a smile in her voice and was always the life and soul of the "party".

Nic (and do read her tribute) has contacted her family and those of us who knew her are invited to the funeral. Her son also asked if she minded, if they put in her coffin a Hog toy that we bought for her at Barnes. Ye gods that one choked me up.

It was nice to read that the family have asked for donations to charities she would like e.g. RSPB, RSPCA, NCDL and asked Nic for any others. Fair to say the BHPS will get a mention. Anyone reading this who enjoyed her blog may care to donate.

A few of us hope to make our way Friday 4th May to say our adieu's and maybe walk in her copse.

I had planned to meet her when I was staying at Hay-On-Wye, we were meeting up on Sunday 13th May at Hampton Court Gardens near Leominster. I will still go to say my final farewell. Expect loads of photos and a very maudlin blog that day!

I am not a believer, but it is at times like these that my logical resolve starts to crack. It's hard to believe that a spirit so strong isn't up there looking down on us. She'll be puffing on a fag, revving up a chainsaw and saying OI DUCKEGG!!


digi-birder said...

So sorry to hear that, Pete. I only knew of her through the blog and forums, but she did sound like a very determined lady. I'm sure she will be missed by all who knew her.

Anonymous said...

I just read some of her blog for the first time and was struck instantly by her sensitivity. I wish she was still with us.

Of course, I'm crying reading this, there seems no end to farewells lately.

Let your resolve crack away, Pete, there is so much more to be known, felt, given, received than you can imagine. It is so easy really, just a mustard seed of faith is all that it takes and "every man has been given a measure of faith."

Pete said...

thanks folks

leaz - she was a lovely lady. I can hear the chuckle in her voice

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say goodbye to Boo --I had been reading her blog too and it seems so strange now. I feel sometimes that I am living in my blog so perhaps she can stay with us in her blog - she did a lot of posts and it is her body of work. I hope they leave her blog up for a while as I will still go and read it. No one knows what a blog is yet - it is a living part of the person who made it and it is a record of their life here.