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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I wandered down to the shop to get a paper Saturday morning. Well you are no doubt thinking nothing unusual about that. Well said copy of the Daily Telegraph ( I got the Indi as well) had a free Jeeves and Wooster (starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie) DVD in it and today I find that the latest Radio Times has a feature in it about Stephen Fry's first lead role in a drama serial since said Jeeves and Wooster.

The Series is called Kingdom and features Fry as upstanding country solicitor from Market Shipborough. The series is set in Norfolk, cue your blogger going ooh i'v'e been there and I wonder where on earth that is! Fry hopes the series will introduce the beauty of an area he knows very well. The first episode concerns a glamorous widow's probate.

The series is on ITV @ 9pm and is described by the Radio Times as Sunday night telly at its cosiest.

Methinks the series could have moved 100 miles North. It could feature a glamorous single mum gallantly dashing around Hull and North Lincs in her Rover solving problems, with a hunky Rugby player as the love interest perhaps? Maybe CP could play the lead or right the scripts.

Oh I enjoyed the Jeeves & Wooster series even if I couldn't get into Wodehouse's books. And the complete series is now available on DVD


Kate said...

I used to like Jeeves and Wooster - they were well suited to the roles.

Is Market Shipborough a real place? It sounds as though it should be.

Cherrypie said...

Glamorous? Love interest? They'd have to cast Pauline Quirk and a bag of Minstrels for the leading roles. All they'd need for a set would be an old sofa and a flea-bitten cat.

I can see the ratings rocketing x

Pete said...

kate - no there is a Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

you are much prettier than Pauline Quirk. how about Kate Winslet?

Cherrypie said...

Ha! Secretly I've always thought Susan Sarandon and I could have been seperated at birth ;)