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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Genius of Michaelangelo

Another early start..... with some justification because the weather forecast was for a temperature of 100f!

Looking the other way from the Ponte Vecchio

No more pics of the Duomo... oh go on two more en route.

We were off to the Galleria dell' Academia *****. As we approached we could see there was a queue (and they only allow so many at a time) we wandered up to the priority entrance where an American tourist was being told he had to buy tickets, we flashed the Firenze card and the guard said "prego" and opened the barrier. The American looked a bit taken aback :)

More airport security.

I know there is a copy of the David (you saw it in the previous blog) in the Piazza della Signoria but when you see the real statue by Michaelangelo you realise it's not the same. There is just that spark of genius in the original a sense of reality of movement .....

The rest of the museum contains yet more fabulous renaissance art. Although a pink David?

Oh look....

We were off to the San Marco a church that is now a museum (again no indoor shots) ***

It is a fine museum with some wonderful pictures The quality of the art in Florence is staggering!

And so we headed off. We ended up in the Piazza della Santissima Annunizata,

the church of Santissima Annunizata **** was in the middle of a service so we waited in the cloister.

And in we went....

Some more of the Piazza.

We had a pizza (Quattro Fromagio) at the Cafe Castelvecchio **

We then went to the Palazzo Vecchio ****

You could walk to the top of the tower and in 100f heat we did!!

Halfway down

We were eating on those tables last night and were to do so again later!

We were at the top of this!!

Performance art! There were a few of these.

And lots of these

It was still early but we decided to nip back to our rooms to have a wash a cold drink and rest for an hour.

We were right at the top of this!

Ice Cream time!

The church of Santi Apostoli *

From the other side of the Arno

You can do a guided tour by Segway.

We had dinner at one of the pizzeria's you could see from the top of the tower this time the il David.I had a couple of glasses of wine, Parma Ham and Mozarella and Ravioli il David.


Ragged Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful again Pete. What a tremendoous place to visit - apart from the heat!

Pete said...

the heat was bearable most of the time.

just drink lots of water. And seriously it was LOVELY!