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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Piazza dei Miracoli

So we checked out of hotel on our way home via Pisa. We found the buses hopped on and within 20 minutes we were Pisa bound, honestly this foreign travel lark is easy.

At the airport we each stored our bag (7 euros per bag) and hopped on a bus into town and were dropped off at the Piazza dei Miracoi ***** which houses Pisa Dumo, Baptistery and some tower that is a bit wonky ;)

Now the church has a money spinner here and they know it. We elected not to walk up the tower (15 euros)  as we would be hot and sweaty but did the Baptistery (5 euros )  and Duomo (2 Euros). Our ticket was sold to us by a woman who really thought she was doing us a favour serving us.

The Piazza is lined by stalls selling.... well naff souvenirs but forget that because the group of Baptistery, Duomo and Tower look magnificent.

The Baptistery

And the Duomo (much better than the one in Florence!)

Bet you've never seen this before....

So with time to kill we headed back to the airport and lazed around for "a bit".

When we finally landed it was a longish wait to get through passport control (although I suspect unlike Pisa they knew the right person had come through!). I knew my bag was on as I saw it put on the plane from my window. The joys of having an odd coloured bag. When we picked them up mine stuck out like a sore thumb where as Trish had to work to find her one!

Great holiday, great company (thanks Trish). Now I need to sleep.


Tricia said...

and my thanks to you... had a great time that went far too quickly..

oldcrow61 said...

I'm so impressed with the statues, buildings and artwork on ceilings etc. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

Ragged Robin said...

More lovely photos Pete - what a wonderful place to visit and you seemed to do so much! Thanks so much for sharing - have really enjoyed your posts.

Pete said...

OC - there were a few things in the museums you would have adored!

RR - thank you. yeah we packed it in. we left the hotel about 8am each day!

Janine said...

Awesome trip report Pete! Glad you guys had a great time. Looking forward to your next big adventure :)

Jack said...

Hi Pete

What a great holiday - I agree Pisa knows how to charge, but isn't it beautiful.

I think Florence is just great - all that art, housed in magical surroundings.

Now you're wandering the world beyond this green and pleasant land, you should start planning a Grand Tour. Wikipedia describes it as "The traditional trip of Europe undertaken by mainly upper-class European young men of means". Describes you perfectly.