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Monday, July 23, 2012

Of Lawn Mowers and Parents

I wandered in with instructions from my Head Gardener that I needed to cut the back grass. So off I toddled.

 Now it seemed a bit noisy but I did a strip and then...... nothing!

 I checked all the plugs and they were fine.

Maybe it's the 300 year old extension cable so I connected the mower to the main and..... nothing!! RATS!!! So I contacted said Head Gardener.

The mower not working is a major disaster so he flew up. I had fears that I might have to resort to... THE HOVER!!

 Knowing he would not be happy I put the kettle on and hang on... why isn't the kettle working? Power cut? No the lights are working.

Walks into garage and the electric has tripped. Flip the switch? Mower working. I was just chuckling with my neighbour when the Head Gardener turned up to much tutting.

He drank tea sat in a deck chair and watched.

 Upon completion I commented the mower was loud. He said yeah he thought so. He then admitted to adjusting the blades and he "might have over done it and the blades caught causing a surge". Hits head against wall......


oldcrow61 said...

ahahaha, that's just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee... sounds slightly familiar (only instead of mower and electricity, substitute phones and internet).

Island Rambles Blog said...

you have such a way of telling a story....just little can turn into funny stories..I am so glad you are a blogger..hey Pete come and go out in the boat with me today..( well on the blog until I get a B&B!!)!

Ragged Robin said...

LOL! What an amusing post Pete - great story. Your dad is such a wonderful character :)