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Monday, June 16, 2008

This and that and a test

don't you think its a bit sad to be up at 6am, when you are on hoiday, and surfing the net?

Firstly Kate and Diddums have a link to a test to find out how good a spouse you would have been in the 1930's obvioulsy I'm not married but I've given it a go.....


As a 1930s husband, I am

Take the test!

I'm not sure if it's good that i did ok! Given they did badly!! I suppose its the fact i happen to notice things like when women have had there hair done etc (little creep eh)

Wendy found her way here after i left a comment on Mary's blog that petrol is here was $10 a gallon. Price per litre for unleaded £1.18 so £5.35 a gallon. exchange rate about $1.97 so $10.55 a gallon. Admittedly and imperial gallon is marginally bigger. 4.54 litres to the US 3.78 litres so in American terms our price is $8.79. As Wendy is from Canada I'm not sure which gallon she would use.

I thought this was kind of cute. Baby birds rescued by the RSPCA are being taught to sing by playing them a CD of Dawn Chorus recordings.

And finally folks two beavers have been given a two acre enclosure at the Escott estate in Devon (near Otter-St-Mary) and have built a dam!

Small groups are being allowed to evening sessions to observe the nocturnal creatures.

It was father's day yesterday. I dutifully stopped the car and rang mine up.

Me - Hello, Happy Father's day
The old boy - Oh is it? I didn't know it was

Card was not sent. In comfortable middle age I may be but I'd still have got the it's a con it's a waste of money lecture :D

Well hope to be back with you next Friday if not before.


oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens Pete, I only got 21 on that test.

Wendy said...

Egads! What are you doing up at 6:00 a.m. and on the net??? On holiday to boot! LOL.

You've got me thoroughly confused with exchange rates and imperial gallons and usa gallons, etc.
Canada went metric to fit in with the rest of the world (that's you Pete). Ha - I don't really remember when, but my kids were still in school (they're in their 30's now).
USA was also supposed to go metric too so everybody would be on the same page (no more miles, gallons, feet, inches, cups, tablespoons)
But - they changed their minds!

Don't ask me why. But now it seems silly. I drive in Canada in kilometers, only to cross the USA border and see Welcome to New York (or wherever). The speed limit is 75 miles an hour. Back to the old system. But that's o.k. - I still think in pounds and ounces, rather than kilos and grams.

Back to gas (or petrol) prices. We are now paying $1.42 a liter. That's too much. But I think you are paying waaaaaaaaay to much!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation - and don't have to drive too far away.

Anonymous said...

You too? We weren't allowed to mark parents' days either... "big con, commercial thing" etc. I suppose if your first gifts to them are dreadful enough (like mine were) and obviously weren't free... that's enough to jolt the parents into banning Father's and Mother's Day gifts and cards.

I don't blame them - I went past a pile of cheap tat in Woolworth, intended for children to buy their parents, and it made me quite angry.