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Monday, June 23, 2008

In the office

So I am back at work. Nice to see no problems greeted me. It feels like I've been back for ages! Only a four day week this week (i'm owed two days) AND three weeks til next hols - ah I love this time of year.

Jan asked if my camera was still working, well one of them is playing up! This is my second hand d70 which I use as a backup but gets used a lot on holidays. Yes you can see me walk around with two cameras, one over each shoulder, one with a landscape/portrait lens and one with a telephoto (for birds etc).

Luckily it is still in guarantee so I can get it repaired woo hoo, I take it back Friday. Repeat after me I must resist the lure of a px on a fabbo d300.

Popped into see Dad on my return, the old boy seems ok. Its 6 months Sunday since Mum died. I've said we'll wander out for the day then come home and watch the Footy final, I know he'll remember the date not sure if he twigged that it is Sunday. There anniversary is coming up and this is a Saturday so I think I'll take him out.

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