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Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's off AGAIN!!!

And we're off.

I headed off nice and early. I did wonder if I'd see queues of cars waiting for petrol but it seems that the scaremongering idiots at the Mail and the Express will be disappointed.

I decided as it was a lovely day I'd head to Barrington Court which is near my hotel. I was a bit early so lets look around St Mary's Barrington first (not on my list).

first one OC!

I've had a lovely day pottering about and reading Thank You, Jeeves (this is the one with the minstrels and one word used show just how attitudes have changed since 1930).

The house is now let to Stuart Interiors and is full of reproduction (and hellishly expensive) furniture. The highlight though is the stunning garden!

And some wildlife (sorry for the dust mark - given sensor a rocket air blast think it's clear now). Lens 80-400 vr

A lovely male Chaffinch

Emperor Dragonfly

I decided after lunch to switch to the smaller 70-300 vr.



And the one I hoped for Spotted Flycatcher (saw them here on my last visit) think they have a nest. I missed them on my morning stroll around the gardens.

Oh and another male chaffinch. I was eating my tea and chocky cake (ahem) and this chap kept posing.


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, great pictures and you've only just started your journey. The bee pictures are fabulous...well they all are really.

Tricia said...

I can't single out any particular picture as they're all great BUT I do like Mr. Chaffinch and I'm green with envy re the Spotted Flycatcher!

Think they like Devon as I saw one nesting last year. Hopefully, like you, I'll see one again in the next few days when I revisit.

Mary said...

Wow, Pete. When you post photos, I always scroll up to look at them twice. Your Goldfinches are very different that ours. I love your birds, flowers, churches, and anything you share.


Pete said...

why thank you Mary. The photos do lokk better opened up - but I know i post sssooo many.

I must admit your goldfinch looks like what you would expect a goldfinch to look like. Ours has a brilliant flash on his wing.

Toffeeapple said...

Great shots Pete! Love the bees.

Janine said...

Love the guy in costume! Beautiful birds and churches, as always :)

Pete said...

thanks all - hey TF welcome back!

Kate said...

Some of my family came from Barrington, and Corfe Mullen, which I think is nearby. I bet you're fascinated aren't you LOL

Border Reiver said...

Good to see you've made it to Somerset and Dorset Pete.... enjoy Cornwall, but I have to say Dorset wins.... good photos, Barrington is a favourite of mine

Pete said...

Kate - engrossed :D if you had known you wpild have sent melooking for family in the church then? :D

BR - I like Barrington even if I was once mistaken for a National Trust gardener there