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Sunday, June 01, 2008

An early morning stroll.

I went for a stoll over Hatfield Forest early this morning. Seemed to be a fair amount of young birds amount.

The forest was looking lovely.

Wasn't expecting these sitting amongst the buttercups!

Now these chaps....

The lake was quiet. In winter things drop in but in summer its quiet BUT a Common Tern was sitting on the raft. On eggs I hope.

Last time I was over there were 8 adult Grebes and I espied a stripey headed youngster. This time I counted only 6 BUT

I counted 6 and they were in two distinct groups which suggest two breeding pairs!

Pics are a bit naff. It was horribly dull.


Mo said...

They still brought a much needed smile to my face - a breath of fresh air. Amazing where mallards turn up!

Tricia said...

Like the Grebe youngster :)

diddums said...

Coincidence -- I was looking for bunny pics just the other day. Look at the way that face just comes down... steep nose.

oldcrow61 said...

Love the ducks and bunny in the Buttercups.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Your photography is certainly nice and pleasing to my eyes.