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Monday, June 30, 2008

Being a little bit social

Well I hope no one is wondering where yesterday's batch of photos is. I had intended to take dad out yesterday but Mum's niece invited us over for a barbeque so we sat around in her lovely garden instead.

Oh the owl was on his sign this morning.


Anonymous said...

I took some photos today, though! Just for a change!! If any of them turn out, I could step into the breach. There are no ducks or churches, though. Slanting horizons will probably be there. (Ducks hurriedly).

Anonymous said...

What, no lovely garden pics? I'm disappointed.

Come by, it's Parker's birthday.

Pete said...

Diddums - slanting horizons? its a feature.

Leaz - yes well felt it would be rude.

avalon said...

hope you and dad had a relaxing day, nice for dad to get out as well. Do you mean you actually had a b b q without rain!