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Friday, July 13, 2007

You won't believe this....

.... but I am going on holiday. Yes I know it's a rare occurence. Everything is packed.

I am spending 4 days in the New Forest and 4 days in Sussex. What I do will depend on the weather.

I am hoping to see some dragonflies i've never seen before though! Expect a few churches, some old buildings and lots of nice countryside. Oh and some New Forest Ponies.


KAZ said...

I thought I was the 'retired' blogger.

Mary said...

Pack your wellies, the forest is wet and the weather forecast is not good!

Anonymous said...

Oh on a holiday again is many days was it?? - four I think, perhaps Pete you will meet Mary of Forest Walks in New Forest. They do have lovely ponies there.

Pete said...

Kaz - where is the stick tongue out smilie

Mary - was it you at Pickett whatever it is as you head towards Burley?

Oceans - all week!!