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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update Again

Well been in tonight and she seemed fairly bright. She does lose concentration quickly though. Apparently she will only be in a week. Hopefully they can sort out her legs. The nurses realise that at the moment there is no way dad can cope though. One of her brothers came in to see her at home last week and was amazed how much she had deterioriated

No idea what is going to happen, I think they are going to assess her and make recommendations.

It's a nice place, there is a bird table outside her window! and there were rabbits on the grass tonight. Food is good apparently.


Anonymous said...

Catching up here - sorry to read your Mum is off in a care facility - the separation is darned difficult for your Dad I'm sure but it sounds like she may return home? What is her name, Pete, and your father's as well?

Pete said...

Mum is Olwin Noreen but no to everyone as Noreen

and dad is Gordon