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Saturday, July 14, 2007

saturday 14th july

Well I am in the new forest. There is a wifi network available!! Flipping hell this is high tech!!

So just for Blondie I took some pictures of New Forest Ponies and their foals (techy term for young).

Naughty Horsey!!

Ah more modest ;)

Then on to Eyeworth Pond. Kingfisher zipped across as soon as I arrived!!

I was hoping for Mandarin Duck

and some new Dragons and Damesels, well no joy there so you'll just have to put up with....

Common Blue Damsel I think

Blue Tailed Damsel

Red Eyed Damsel

And another Common Blue I think

Oh some other bits and pieces.

I realised I was near St Mary Hale which was on my list and.....

... it was open so 615

Then onto Breamore for lunch. A nice Cheese and ham toastie with a guest.

Besides me a nice house Breamore has a very fine country side museum presenting life in a bygone era.

Breamore church is one I've done before. It's a Saxon church and dates to about 1000AD

The house is viewed by a guided tour which is pretty good. Its a nice house with some decent paintings a Van Dyck, Canaletto, Tenniers and some excellent Tenniers tapestries. Well worth a visit.


oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous photos Pete. Looks like you are having a grand time. Keep them coming.

KAZ said...

The female mandarin is much better camouflaged than the male. I wonder if this is reflected in the survival rate?

Dorothea said...

Fabulous. Do the church windows really look as gorgeous as that, or is it the way you take the photos


Loved the old couple with their milk round, what great honest faces they had.

Don't need to say - have a good time, you lucky devil!

Pete said...

D - church was that nice
K - dunno. only saw 1 Mandy

Dawn said...

Aww you were right, those foals are sooo cute ( I want one) nice pics of the dragonflies too, have you got one of those macro thingies?

Pete said...

these were taken with a telephoto Dawn.

i have got a macro though

Mary said...

You certainly pack a lot in. I went to Breamore years ago Do they still have the mazes in the garden

Pete said...

Mary - there is one by the museum. not sure about garden

Anonymous said...

Just made my day to see all those lovely photos Pete - More More!!