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Friday, July 27, 2007

Council Workers Rescue Hamster

A hamster, that was found abandoned in its cage, has been rescued by council workers.

It was found after council staff received a call from a resident about fly tipping. The caller mentioned the hamster
so the council's pest control officer was drafted in rather than risk the animal ending up in a refuse wagon.

The hamster has now been adopted by council staff and is the office mascot. The Hamster was originally named Brian after the pest control office. This has been changed to Brioni as the Hamster is pregnant.

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Jan said...

Bloody people, make me so angry. Absolutely no need for such terrible cruelty, if they didn't want the hamster, any pet shop would have taken it in to rehome I'm sure. There's some heartless morons on this planet, god help the future generations.:(

Beki said...

Some people are just poo....and sadly I've met a few of them throught cat welfare work.