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Friday, September 01, 2006

Pressure works!!

You know how it easy you are given a petition to sign and cynical old you knows nothing will happen.

Well sometimes it does work!

The Hedgehog Preservation Society has been campaigning for over 5 years to get McDonalds to redesign its McFlurry ice cream containers and finally they have.

From September 1st McDonalds have reduced the size of the lid opening to stop Hedgehogs getting inside the Flurry.


flicker said...

Great news innit Pete? The only thing is sceptical old me thinks, how small is small? What about little peeny weeny hogs, with little peeny weeny heads? If its big enough to put a spoon in to get the ice cream out, then surely it's got to be big enough for a hoggy's head? I want to see one. I bet our McDs will still use the old ones till they are all gone. I still don't know why they just cant use the normal waxed cups that they use for the drinks personally, would have saved an awful lot of trouble all round. Ice cream is supposed to be solid, so it's not like its going to come rushing out of a large cup is it?

Anonymous said...

Now if they could just get the complete morons throwing these things on the ground to stop....

The Quacks of Life said...

I must admit the people who throw there rubbish everywhere irritates the hell out of me.

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