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Thursday, July 14, 2011

People are strange

I was in the "other place" for a meeting today and as I was crossing a Zebra crossing I spotted 4 chaps with cameras.

Now the nerd in me firstly wondered what camera's they were using - yes I am sad! Oh I spotted a Pentax and a Sony Nex in case you were wondering :D

They were just standing there when suddenly a standard single story bus turned up and they started taking pictures!! I gave them a "what the f... stare" and a woman standing behind them comprehending my expression smiled.

Now I really shouldn't look askance at them. I mean I sit in large wooden boxes (hides) and take pictures of birds and I'll drive out of way to take pictures of churches. But askance I looked.

This could have been a street photography meet up but I think not as they just stood them moving into action when the bus showed up.

Of course we are all strange. I have yet to understand why someone needs lots of versions of a Beethoven symphony but people seem to see the need.


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Tricia said...

I beg to ask what sort of jackets were they wearing?... Each to their own I suppose :)