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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tesco 1 - Sheringham 0

I did a rare thing this morning.... I went to McDonalds.

I had a meeting in the "other" office, I was strolling through the town centre listening to Mozart's violin concerto on the MP3 when I decided to pop in and get a coffee. Very nice it was too.

I mention the big M as that other bette noire of the anti capitalism brigade Tesco have won the right to open a store in Sheringham. As I've mentioned before there has been a long and bitter fight to stop Tesco opening a store with many protestants backing a proposal for a smaller Waitrose. The council voted 8-7 in favour of Tesco. I ought to add that the council organised a poll of residents who voted 1180 for Tesco and 1165 for Waitrose.

I do fear for Sheringham, will the small independent greengrocers, butchers and the bookshop survive? I'd like to hope so but I fear that people will be swayed by convenience and  cheaper prices. And lets be honest people like me who are electing to buy Mp3 downloads and Kindle books are not helping.

I ought to add that the Suffolk town of Woodbridge elected for Waitrose and yet on reflection Tesco would have been the better bet as Waitrose with its quality product ethos was a more direct rival for the green grocer etc.

The wheel turns and the world changes.

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