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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Chutfest 10

I was awoken at 5am this morning by rain lashing against the windows. The Tricia affect was in full force!

As the car was loaded at 9:15 miraculously the rain had abated and it was just grey and dull! So bad had the rain been that we did find a flooded road.

Off to Budleigh Salteron. Birds were - Raven (year tick!), Black Tailed Godwit, Mipit, Little Egret and Cetti's.

The cricket pitch.

Something more interesting amongst the gulls.

The sea was a bit rough.

The gulls "riding" the waves

So on to Barrington Court. As we were eating our Vegetable Soup (very nice) the sum came out!!!!!!!

Barrington was playing host to CHUTFEST 10 which gives producers of home-made preserves, conserves amd jams the opportunity to bring their surplus to Barrington and swap them for others. There was also a food fair where you could try local chutneys, jams, sausages, cheese, cakes and wine. Some of us didn't indulge others... tut tut.

The chocolate and beetroot cake was lovely!


Janine said...

Chocolate and beetroot cake, eh? So much for not indulging! :)
Sounds like a fun time. Glad you guys got a break in the weather.

Pete said...

ah but the cake was in the tearoom. I didn't indulge in the food fair ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Tut, you do look after your stomach, lol. If I were there I expect you would have to leave Tricia and I at the food fair.

I love these gardens. The flowers, bees and statues are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. The one of Tricia looking through the window is very unusual and atmospheric.

Is there some sort of 'brolly-fest' going on? Noticed some in yesterday's post.