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Monday, October 18, 2010

bits and bobs

Ye gods its hard getting up of a morning. In Summer when I wake up the sun is shining and its daylight, now its pitch black. The clocks go back in a few weeks and then I'll not see my house in daylight until the weekends.

So what has happened today?

  • I've renewed my house insurance. A phone call got me £27 off of the price on the renewal note.
  • Pulled up the marigolds - a sure sign of Autumn.
  • The Kindle arrived today ah well the case did!! Nice size! The Kindle itself "has been handed over to the carrier and is in transit."

It happened yesterday but that an older pair of CD Walkman speakers can be used to the MP3 player so being used they are. The DAB radio sounds good through them as well.

And speaking of yesterday, I missed these.

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