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Thursday, June 25, 2009

You have to wonder.

Sometimes the pure viciousness of some people astounds me.

For example this story of Dave the cat that had a 14 inch crossbow bolt fire at him!! Luckily Dave is making a full recovery.

You have to wonder what motivates these morons to do something like that.

Some goodnews though was that Lucy a 17 year old border collie went missing from her home in Cornwall in February and was found 550 miles away in Scotland and returned to her family. The assumption is that Lucy was abducted.

And lets give a thumbs up to German tennis player Tommy Haas. His second round opponent had to retire injured, now he could have wandered off and gone back to his rented house, but no! Instead Haas played some shots with various of the ball boys and ball girls.

It didn't cost him anything but he probably made a few kids years! Nice one Tommy (and I hope he does rather well).


holdingmoments said...

Sickening to read that story about the cat Pete. And they'll probably never be caught either.
Let's hope the cat makes a full recovery.

Couple of more upbeat stories to finish on.
Shows the 'sick' lot are thankfully in a minority.

avalon said...

How can some people be so cruel, on our news last night there were two hares that were nailed to a farmers gate post just sickening!
The tommy tennis shots were great as you say he must have made those ball boys and girls so happy and they will remember that for a long time.

Tricia said...

The cruelty of others leaves me speechless!!!

Those ball boys and girls will never forget their moment of glory - and what did it cost? Nothing but a few minutes of time in which players and audience alike had great fun and entertainment! Warms the heart.