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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As I sat in the office yesterday afternonn the heavens opened, lightening flashed and thunder rumbled, for 15 minutes rain came down in torrents and we had the odd bit of hail. My the time I left for home and hours and a half later most of the roads and pavements were dry. Almost as if it hadn't happened!

On my way home I espied a Little Egret by the bridge at Abridge. A lovely bird to see at anytime but it did remind me how remarkable has been the spread of this dapper wader. Where once it was a twitchable bird now its a bird you can see going to work! Surely one day soon Spoonbills and Great Whites will be as common.

When I got home we had had no rain. As the evening wore on at one point dark clouds could be seen all around yet above me it was brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Most odd.

As an aside the Large Blue butterfly was extinct in Britain and was reintroduced in Britain 30 years ago. It was reintroduced and there are now more than 30 colonies with tens of thousands of flutters. You can read more here.


holdingmoments said...

Had a storm here yesterday; and today bright sunshine. Crazy.
It certainly is good news that the Little Egret is gaining more and more ground.
Good to see nature fighting back.

oldcrow61 said...

A great news story about the Blue Butterfly.

diddums said...

A friend of Mum's was on the motorway when the rain started coming down in sheets and she couldn't see where she was going. She said it was terrifying!