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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I'm not overly impressed with Springwatch. Bill Oddie's absence due to ill health and replacement with Chris Packham seems to have had no real change to content and presentation style.

Cue titles.

Chris and Kate waffle for a few minutes then hand over to Simon King who waffles for a few minutes. And I'm shouting at the telly asking them to show me the wildlife!!

And the wildlife? Bird nests and badgers, actually I've nothing against the nests when its interesting. The Reed Warbler with the Cuckoo was fascinating as was the Skylark but come on.....

The live format alas doesn't work. A series of short 30 minute films would work better. One on the wildlife to be found in a garden, one on the coast, etc. Watch early episodes of Bill Oddie goes wild to see how this can work well. The one set in the village of Urchfont for instance.

And instead of more badgers zzzzzzz how about more on Butterflies (surely they could / should have made use of the Painted Lady invasion), Dragonflies? Squirrels? Hedgehogs? Mice? And I don't mean a jokey minute skit.

Live doesn't work as the Polecat is proving!

rant over.


holdingmoments said...

I've only seen one episode, and that was on BBC i-player, (no tv), and that was out of curiosity.
I'm not Bill Oddies greatest fan; I find him a bit tiresome at times, and find the Packham bloke even worse.
I wasn't that impressed with what I saw.
I agree with what you say Pete, let's see more wildlife, and less of the presenters.

Little Brown Job said...

Same here, I actually like Bill Oddie but with him gone, I would have thought there would have been more wildlife and less waffling. Alas, it's more childish than ever, thought I was watching Cbeebies last night!

There are some great moments though, just needs to be watched on Sky+ so you can whiz past all live links.

Tricia said...

I agree with your "rant" for the reasons given; cut the chatter and get on with the content. And as you say, there's a raft of wildlife species totally ignored.

I've never been a great fan of Chris Packham and so far have seen nothing to change my mind.

Watching last night's programme I was actually - bored!!

Liz said...

I don't find it as bad as when Bill was there (although I normally enjoy Bill's re-recorded shows) but yes there are some half attempts at clips this series.

One of Chris apparently planting for wildlife, basically he told viewers to sow Lupin and Foxglove seeds, and then as a side note said, but these won't flower until next year to buy them from a shop instead!!!

What?!!! He was so obviously not in the slightest bothered about gardening, even less so for nature. Why not say sow these - scabious, poppies, cornflower, salvia, verbena blah blah blah and then get your Lupins and Foxgloves ready for next year.
What a waste of time. Basically he just wanted to show off his beautiful thatched cottage.

Pete said...

Cbeebies was my thoughts last night on one of the pieces! I'd imagine some kids would find it condescending

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Pete.

Only good thing is my friend who is really getting into the birding - (loves wildlife anyway) has found the nest sequences really helpful from an id point of view...But then would have enjoyed
the suggested improvements too!

It could be sooo much more informative and I really have had enough of the comfy twadle between the presenters.....
why are we watching someones garden badgers? We have seen it all before oh and I have seen Polecats this year - but nearer London than Wales!


ShySongbird said...

I don't like the 'Cbeebies' slot at all. I think Kate goes over the top, but I don't mind Chris. I think Simon is good and the other new one Martin, seems very professional. I definitely think there should be more Nature and less presenters waffling though.

KAZ said...

When I found out that Bill wasn't on - I didn't bother watching.
Kate really gets on my nerves with her jolly hockey sticks head girl attitude.
And - NO - I'm not jealous of her blonde hair and girly looks - well not a lot!

Pete said...

Kaz - me thinks you doth protest too much. Kate is very easy on the eye.

I still think there is too much of the presenters on screen. If they need to explain then at least show us some nature whilst they do it.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the other night when I was watching something about hurricanes. The guy went out to experience the hurricane, and kept turning the camera on his own face. Close-up of dripping wet, lyrically happy face all the time, but I wanted to see the hurricane too! To be fair, maybe it was too dark half the time.