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Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm home

Its been a super week. The weather ranged from, sizzling Sat-Tues, very nice Weds and Thurs, I could walk around and sit and read wearing a sweatshirt Friday.

I've been through and replied to comments and I've added loads of photos.

I was pleaed to be able to use mobile. There are three connections GPRS, 3g and 3g broadband. GPRS is dialup and thats what I got in the Cotswold and in my bedroom here. In "my room" at Dads I got 3g broadband and that was excellent.

Excuse me whilst I prepare for my trip to South Wales..... its 5 weeks away HOW WILL I COPE.

At least in Wales you'll have seen none of the places on this blog!!


holdingmoments said...

Five weeks will soon pass Pete. lol
Glad you had a good time. The weather was perfect, but changing here now; some much needed rain.

Janine said...

Enjoyed your trip photos Pete. Best wishes to your Dad!