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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birds and Gardens

I was off today. I await the sarkie comments :D but if you get in at 7 everyday and seldom get a chance of a full lunch break (although I book that I take an hour and a quarter everyday).....

I thought of going to Norfolk but instead I went to Amwell to see the Marsh Warbler, or not! It last seen and heard 30 minutes before I got there. Now I could have stood around for hours waiting (and no doubt it showed again) but I've seen one before and well the sun was shining!

Cuckoo - record shot

Reed Warbler

Common Tern


Common Tern



Anyway I went to the RHS Garden at Hyde Hall

Red-Eyed Damselfly

Azure Damsel I think

Now the garden at Hyde Hall is undoubtedly fine but ..... in one or two places (path to the bee hives for instance) it seemed "scruffy". Something I can't quite put my finger on, for some reason it was a garden I admired but couldn't love.

There is a lot of development work going on but that didn't affect my visit.

There is something called the National Garden Scheme (NGS). NGS gardens are often private gardens that open to the public on specfic days for charity. Details are published in the "yellow book".

Looking at the excellent Garden Visit site I found that Saling Hall garden was open this afternoon and so I thought hey its for charity.

Beside the hall is St James Church

The garden....

Now Saling Hall garden may not be as celebrated as Hyde Hall others may tell me the planting is not as good, these things I am not qualified to comment on BUT I did really enjoy my visit to Saling Hall Garden.


oldcrow61 said...

You've had a busy day with the camera. The flowers are gorgeous. I like those garden ornaments as well. The bunny is adorable. Great shots.

Tricia said...

Sounds and looks like a good day out. Great pictures all - looks like a day for terns! Aw for the Rabbit :D

I think RHS gardens are good but I'd rather have the informality (it would seem so from your pictures) of something like Saling Hall - everything on a much more intimate scale.

diddums said...

That shot of the clematises against the blue sky is my favourite. Very nice. :-)

ShySongbird said...

Woweee!! Scrumptious post Pete, I enjoyed every bit of it, so many gorgeous photos. What a cracking day out that was!

The Blackbird had so much white it looked pied. I loved the Cormorant in flight and the Lapwing. All of the blooms were beautiful too.

holdingmoments said...

What a full day Pete. Beautiful pictures too.
Well done on the Cuckoo; I've seen plenty, but never captured with the camera.
Good flight shots, especially the Cormorant.
The garden at Saling Hall looks the kind of place to spend a good few hours.

Pete said...

thanks all.

I wish that Cuckoo had been closer!

the blackbird was wet! He was sitting under a sprinkler ! !