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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye, But hold on to your lover, 'Cause your heart's bound to die.

As my friend Jan will tell you I am a big fan of female vocalists, especially of the rootsy variety.

One of whom I was never a fan was Iris Dement, there was something about her voice that I just couldn't like, BUT the girl could write.

I was listening to the Translatlantic Sessions on BBC 4 when this track started.

I still am not a fan of her voice but just LISTEN to the lyrics.

Another great lyricist was Kate Wolf, I can't find her singing this but Nanci and Emmy Lou make a nice subsitute

Possibly my fave song of ALL time

and as its Valentine's day ! As Jan can testify Julia can sing this note perfect live.


oldcrow61 said...

Well, you old romantic you!!! I'd never have thunk it. Valentine hugs to you.

avalon said...

beautiful! great concerts we went to in our time

Tricia said...

Mmmmmm - lovely!