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Saturday, February 07, 2009

still quacking

As I got home last night it was snowing, not much but enough to settle on cars and the drive (which is a pain as lots of the stuff from Monday is still about on fields and grass). The forecast was for a COLD night and so come this morning it was a tadge icey.

I popped to Tesco's for some shopping and the car park was a very icey. And of course in the 20 minutes I was away the postman had left a card that he had tried to deliver my mobile broadband!! Luckily he was across the road so I could get it.

After lunch I popped to Connaught Water and took some pics. The was a dead mallard in one of the sheets of ice :( Shows how hard our wildlife has had it.

The Red Crested Pochard is an escape, been there 4 years or so.

Something different next weekend.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Pete. Sorry to hear about the Mallard. The unusual cold spell must be tough on birds that aren't use to it.

Tricia said...

The group of Mallards stands out very well against the white of the ice. Nice one!

(The other pictures aren't bad either! ;) )

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Pete, glad you did not miss the Gulls, LOL.


Mary said...

Its amazing how a little bit of snow makes everything so pretty.Lovely shots of the ducks.

Anonymous said...

What incredibly beautiful ducks. I wonder exactly where you live to be so close to such wildlife?

Pete said...

thanks all

Anony - these were taken just south of Epping Essex UK.