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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Money No Object

Lets assume for a moment that you've just one a multiple multiple multiple lottery rollover winner. Say £100 million. What would you do with it?

The thing is I wouldn't do much! Oh I'd make some charitable donations and I'd stop working BUT not a lot else would change. I wouldn't buy an expensive car and although i'd move I wouldn't buy a big house.

I'd have lots of holidays (what do you mean no change there!!) but I wouldn't stay in posh hotels, I mean its not really me. I'm an ordinary guy and I don't think I'd feel comfortable.

Now I probably sound really boring but you know there is one totally illogical thing I would treat myself to and its this. Its costs about £3000 for a body only and lens start at £600 and go up to £2500!! It doesn't autofocus only manual focus!! There are no zooms!! And it is has no big telephotos!! So why would I want to buy one? Its a Leica, it just oozes class. There is no logical reason I'd just LOVE to own one.

And what would you buy which is totally illogical?


avalon said...

Mine would be a yacht or boat can't think why as i am a little scared of the sea! sounds great sailing away to wherever you wanted to go South of france, carribean ah dreaming again! Would love a personal hairdresser sheer bliss having my hair done every day.

oldcrow61 said...

I would set up an animal sanctuary. I would have a vet on call and anyone who couldn't afford to get their animals spayed or neutered I would pay for.

Tricia said...

I'd give enough to my two children to buy them a house each (that's the practical bit); and then go on a photographic safari somewhere exotic, where the sun is shining, there's lots of birds and wildlife and with someone like Gordon Buchanan as my personal photography tutor!